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Mix CD
Label: P.B. Dolla Ent.
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We Deliver
Official Album Release
Label: P.B. Dolla Ent. Buy We Deliver Now
Young J.O. appears on We Deliver - PAPERBOYZ album Courtesy of P.B. Dolla Ent.
Industry Times Vol. 2
Mix CD
Hosted By: DJ Envy
Young J.O. appears on Industry Times Vol. 2 Mix CD Courtesy of P.B. Dolla Ent.
Industry Times Vol. 1
Mix CD
Hosted By: DJ Clinton Sparks
Young J.O. appears on Industry Times Vol. 1 Mix CD Courtesy of P.B. Dolla Ent.

Young J.O. Personal Biography "Two Sided Story" It?s hard to believe that, in a time when creativity is as a lost art in the music industry, a talent so innovative has been developed right in our backyard. Separated by state lines and protected from the influences of New York and Boston, Connecticut's Young J.O., aka Young Flyboy, crafted his dirty north flow into a style that only he can call his own.

J.O.'s natural charisma and energy make liveperformances seem as easy as breathing. Being a showman is in Young Flyboy's blood. The nineteen year old, half Spanish, half Black son of a boxer, has been the center of attention almost since birth. However, it was when J.O. began rhyming that he found his true calling. The self dubbed "Fly Wizzy Boy" was blessed with an image that is easily sold to the masses. "People relate to me 'cause ain?t no actin? with me; this is not a facade.

Everything I do in the booth, everything I do on the stage is just me having fun ? doing what I love to do; it's jus me being a Flyboy!" With a confident swagger and the drive of a championship prize-fighter, Young J.O. is set to take the music industry to new places. It's hard to imagine that J.O. is able to be himself, at a time when the industry is acting as a cookie cutter, but you better believe Young J.O. is going to fly his way to the top.