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Born in Schenectady NY in the 80's and moved to CT somewhere in the early 90's. Growing up, I was so into the Hip Hop culture. i started off as a fan just like any other musician on the planet and from there i began my life as an "Artist".

I remember I would bang on the counter in the kitchen and mimic the beat on the radio. Then I started to do that with my mouth through Beat Boxing. Around the same time I was "Tagging" (drawing names and words both on paper and with spray paint). My older brother Skemez Popov has been making beats and drawing as long as I can remember. So I used to watch him and ask for his music and drawings until one day he upgraded and handed me down his old drum machine. After that, it was a RAP!

I started making beats and found out what "Popping", "Locking", & "Breaking" was and dancing seemed to be my calling. i did everything from Dancehall to choreography to my strongest style; "freestyle improv". i did everything musical that i could like taking choir in school, managing a dance team, being a part of a more professional dance team, receiving pay for performing my dances and trying to develop myself as a writer/artist.

Once I got older,  i built a little money up and i bought a good computer with pro tools and an Mbox and started going at it. Learning what i could as i went along.  The next year I bought a Korg M3 Workstation so I can get working on my production skills. After some time of playing with how it all works and learning everything possible as soon as possible, I now have an underground arsenal of about 40 songs. With a new beginning in a world of PB Dolla Ent. where my talent and skill will turn in to perfection and platinum!