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At a time when creativity is a lost art, clones are running rampant and the music industry scrambles to find the next big thing, the right image, and the latest craze for what music should be, Connecticut’s own Joen Vazquez proves that innovative talent does actually exist.

Born Joen Vazquez in Hartford, CT, has been the center of attention since birth. Starting at the age of three with It Plus Models Agency, Joen has done eight professional jobs in N.Y. including modeling for Filenes which is now Macy’s. His mom Shirley Harrison has always been involved in the entertainment business, especially in the aspect of corporate sales of tickets ranging from music to professional basketball, boxing and etc. It was at the age of nine that he developed his passion for music. Since the age of 14 Joen has been in the company of numerous artists such as Ja Rule, Mobb Deep, Black Child, Capone and Noreaga. Attending numerous concerts and performances with the artists opened this young Man's eye to another level. Although his dad Jose ‘Pepe’ Vazquez was a professional boxer who later retired and became a trainer who has trained the Welter-Weight champion of the world Marlon Starling, wanted Joen to take up boxing, but with influences such as Frankie Beverly & Maze, Lil Wayne, Biggie, Barkays, TuPac Shakur and ACDC, he chose to do his music instead, which his father supported whole heartedly.

With his mom, dad, and brother being his biggest inspirations, this young flyboy crafted his dirty north flow into a style that only he can only call his own. His innate confidence makes you believe unequivocally in every word he spits. Separated by state lines and protected from the influences of New York and Boston, Joen was able to shape and cast his sound away from the cookie cutter of others. Joen the half Spanish, half black son of a boxer, has humorous and mischievous antics that have allowed him to always stand out. His natural charisma and energy makes live performances seem as easy as breathing. Since the passing of his father who was taken from him at the age of 20, Joen has put his all into everything he does. His father is now acknowledged in the boxing hall of fame. The self dubbed “ Joen ” was blessed with an image that is easily sold to the masses, “People can relate to me because there isn’t any acting with me; everything I do on stage and in the booth is just me having fun doing what I love to do, it’s just me being Joen!” With a confident style and the drive of a championship prize-fighter, Joen is set to bring the music industry to new places and rise straight to the top of charts.



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