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In spite of the wealthy, suburban image of Connecticut, its capitol, Hartford, is actually a violent, poverty-plagued city.  While constantly being overlooked as a viable contributor (because of its larger surrounding neighbors -New York and Boston-) Hartford has been quietly developing a link to the R&B/Hip Hop world via residents that are its untapped, hidden treasures.  One such treasure is the dynamic duo, PAPERBOYZ, who is determined to represent Hartford, musically, on a global level.

Mike-Charles & Fatal formed an unlikely alliance in today’s music industry.  This association can certainly be attributed to “destiny”.  The crooner of the duo, Mike, was raised in a Gospel singing household and began humming melodies at the age of seven months old.  He continued honing his vocal skills in preparation for his encounter with stardom.  Although influenced by both the streets and music, Fatal, the rapper of the duo, was introduced, at a young age, to the hip/hop genre by his older brother.  Ironically, Mike and Fatal had never crossed paths but knew of each other through hearsay.  “You look just like this kid I know”, was a line each heard of the other.  Finally, a chance moment at a studio caused the two to bump into each other.  Shortly thereafter, they hooked up and recorded their first record, “Jump Off”; the two became inseparable.  The duo then took to the streets selling their debut album - “Young Classics”.  The album instantly granted them a great deal of credibility and respect.  They sold an astounding 1,500 copies - IN ONE DAY!  “We were out in the streets selling CD’s like a dealer selling drugs.  If you bought a “Young Classics” CD, then you got it from us”. The ‘Boyz were out grinding face to face with every consumer, pushing a “new brand” of music – PAPER MUSIC. It was around this time that the duo was dubbed PAPERBOYZ, a name they ran with.

Hearing the name “Paperboy”, one might think of a person who delivers the newspaper.  Secondly, it also could suggest someone who is wealthy.  But the ‘Boyz have their own twist of the word, “…a Paperboy is a person who handles their bizz, whether financially or contractually; he takes care of his responsibilities, basically ‘being bout ya paper’” (Ironically, they both were paperboys as youths.)  The ‘Boyz have been the opening act for a wide range of artists from Nas, 50 Cent, Joe Buddens, Ghostface and Ja Rule to Jagged Edge, Dave Hollister, Lyfe Jennings and Ruben Studdard.  They display their ability to rock any crowd from the most hardcore hip/hop to the classy laid back R&B.  PAPERBOYZ have traveled and toured different parts of the world including Europe and most recently Africa.  As a result, this experience enabled them to unleash another dimension of their music as the overseas Hip/Hop and R&B consumers crave high energy, up-tempo music and, of course, PAPERBOYZ delivered.  This versatility has become a hallmark for them.  To supplement their creative writing styles, they have been working with HOT up and coming producers such as Tha Movement (Mase, Brandy, Lloyd, 50 Cent & Olivia), Ryan Leslie (New Edition, Loon, Beyonce, Brittany Spears) and Jason Wade (Raphael Saddiq, Toni, Tone, Tony).  PAPERBOYZ “deliver” a new brand of music that fuses Hip Hop and R&B, and the end result is MAGICAL.  Besides having a top quality sound, their drive for being innovative and original separates them from many artists, therefore, PAPERBOYZ will deliver their City, their Sound, and their Style, globally, in their ERA!


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