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P.B. Dolla Roster Da-Fam!

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In spite of the wealthy, suburban image of
Connecticut, its capitol, Hartford, is actually a violent, poverty-plagued city. While constantly being overlooked as a viable contributor (because of its larger surrounding neighbors -New York and Boston-) Hartford has been quietly developing a link to the R&B/Hip Hop world via residents that are its untapped, hidden treasures. One such treasure is the dynamic duo, PAPERBOYZ, who is determined to represent Hartford, musically, on a national level.
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Young J.O. (Solo Rap Artist)
Young J.O. Personal Biography “Two Sided Story” It’s hard to believe that, in a time when creativity is as a lost art in the music industry, a talent so innovative has been developed or right in our backyard. Separated by state lines and protected from the influences of New York and Boston by of, Connecticut’s Young J.O., aka Young Flyboy, crafted his dirty north flow into a style that only he can call his own.
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